EL AL Airlines אל על Boarding Pass

El Al Airlines IS the strictest airline in the world where the president of Israel was rejected for check-in before his official tour because of excess baggage. They are well-known for their good safety records and tough security agents in front of their check in desks.

The back of boarding pass shows their in-flight duty free service at the time. Words shown on both sides are printed in English and Hebrew. You can feel a great sense of seriousness throughout their check-in process and the boarding pass. You can see the wordings there is so strong like ‘YOU ARE REQUESTED TO REPORT TO THE DEPARTURE GATE AT THE INDICATED BOARDING TIME. FLIGHT WILL NOT BE HELD FOR PASSENGERS ARRIVING LATE!’ I never seen something like this before.

EL AL adopts the same design across all airports with slight differences since some of the stations recreated it using the reference design.

You can download high-res image below. You may also consider buy me a drink to support my hardwork, thanks.

Download here

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